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How These 5 People Lost 50 Pounds or More

Weight loss transformation photos of individuals, we usually are in awe of their stunning progress and wonder how they managed such a feat. Sometimes, we even want to know the secrets behind their weight loss in order to apply such tricks and tips to our own exercise and diet regimen. There is usually an endearingly courageous story of determination which stands behind each of these individuals, since such extreme weight loss usually involves arduous effort, long-term perseverance, resolute maintenance and rigid routines. One such inspiring instagram user is Shandra Redwine, who started at 258 pounds. The weight loss and life coach eventually lost an amazing 93 pounds, and now is at a weight of 165 pounds. How did she do it? Redwine says that she lost the first 62 pounds by decreasing her intake to 1200 calories, and then eliminated all processed foods from her diet. Thus, by maintaining a nutritious and regular diet routine, she was able to lose the first 62 pounds healthily in a sustainable manner. She also reveals that lots of cardio definitely helped her throughout the journey, uplifting her confidence and cardiovascular system. The final jump that helped her lose another 30 pounds was a strict keto diet, where her food intake consisted of high-fat and low carb meals. This diet has provided an abundance of energy for Redwine towards her exercise routine, since the keto diet enables her body to adjust to using fat for energy. Check out her journey and transformation at her instagram, @losermentality.




Another instagram user named Zach lost over 240 pounds in the last five years. When he was nineteen years old, he was diagnosed with hypertension at 463 lbs. From that moment, he decided to start his weight loss journey towards a long and healthy life. First, he started counting calories and went to the gym around two to three times a week. The workouts consisted of ten minutes of cardio on the stationary bike. Eventually, his workouts increased in time and frequency. He still monitors his caloric intake, since he feels that such monitoring is vital towards sustainable and efficient weight loss. His advice is to not give up and to remember that consistency over a long period time is the key to making long-term changes for your health. Visit his instagram at @zach_attacks_fat.




Some transformations are achieved with the collaboration and encouragement of a loved one, such as the case of instagram user, Lexi Reed. She lost an amazing 303 pounds in only 18 months! Reed had embarked on the weight loss journey with her husband, where they set up a 2016 New Year’s resolution to determinedly lose the weight once and for all. With no meal plan, surgery process, or personal trainer, she and her husband only had sheer motivation to push them through the workouts and diets day after day. One of the couple’s motivating factors were to be parents in the future, where they wanted to live a healthy and long life together. Moreover, the couple started integrating more home cooked meals into their schedule, in addition to hitting the gym around five to six times per week. She also incorporated regular Zumba classes into her routine. Check out her instagram at @fatgirlfedup.




Similarly, the instagram user, Richard, had underwent a weight loss transformation for his loved ones. Richard had always struggled with his weight, where he attempted numerous diets several times throughout his life. His weight loss transformation finally occured when he decided he didn’t want the life he was leading, and he wanted to live a long life with his wife and three children. He was originally 35 stone (490 pounds) and lost around 23 stone 7lbs (329 pounds). He decided to setup instagram as a food diary for himself, where he stuck to healthy calorie intakes and nutritious meals. His family’s support also contributed greatly to his weight loss success. He advises that anyone starting out should take a plunge and just go for the weight loss, while giving it their all and take each day as it comes. Check out his instagram at @paynes42.




Interestingly, there are also instagram users who use the social media platform to encourage and propel their weight loss journey. One phenomenally successful example is the story of 21 year old Morgan Bartley, who says that sharing her journey on instagram was probably the number one thing that kept her accountable. From her highest weight of 300 pounds, she persevered throughout her weight loss journey to lose around 115 pounds. Bartley says that she had always struggled with her weight, where a series of health issues in her teenage years had caused her to gain a significant amount of weight. She had also struggled with a binge eating disorder due to her depression.


At the beginning of her journey, Bartley decided to hire a personal trainer, where she worked out for three times a week for 30 minutes a day. After losing the sufficient amount of weight to qualify for a vertical sleeve gastrectomy, she was able to utilize the surgery as “a tool to lose weight” to form healthier habits. Then, she started documenting her weight loss journey on instagram as a method of accountability. She says that once she gained followers, she decided she wanted to become a good example for others in terms of changing for health instead of self-hatred. Take a look at her instagram journey at @morganlosing.



These transformations are no doubt amazing and truly inspiring. They prove that effort, consistency and resolution can go a long way. Many of these transformation results are achieved through long-term goals, where the weight loss is sustained through a changed lifestyle and diet, instead of a temporary fix. If you need ideas on how to jumpstart your weight loss journey, you could try integrating some of these tips and tricks one by one into your life, until you feel comfortable creating your very own weight-loss routine and guidelines. Remember that the effort you put into each step of the way will bring you closer and closer to your goals and dreams.]]>

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