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My Tonal Gym Review – If you've got the money, treat yourself (now with a promo code!)

How does it work? It’s actually really neat – electromagnets built into the machine create resistance for the two omni-directional arms, allowing you to replicate hundreds of workouts in the gym that you can now do at home. On top of that, Tonal offers you a virtual trainer, powered by AI. Select from any of the dozens of programs and a personalized workout plan is created. Most of these programs are 4 weeks long, with 3-5 workouts per week. For any given program, while everyone will have the same exercises and sets, the virtual trainer will automatically adjust the amount of weight and number of reps depending on your fitness goals (e.g., lose weight, get lean, gain muscle, gain strength). Once you’ve started to exercise with the machine, it’ll learn your strength and stamina, giving you a baseline score. If it notices that you’re achieving the reps too easily, Tonal will increase the weight. If the weight is too heavy, you can add a virtual “spotter” mode, that decreases the weight incrementally to allow you to finish your rep and set. Image result for tonal I purchased this in October of 2018 and haven’t looked back – one year later, I’ve got noticeable muscle mass and strength gains. If you’re interested in purchasing Tonal, use this link/discount code for $100 off: https://fbuy.io/tonal/ng7eqkp6 — full disclosure, if you use this link, I’ll get some swag 🙂 Already have a Tonal? Interested in a Peloton? Post your thoughts in the comments!]]>

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