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My Peloton Review – get it if you can (now with a promo code!)

Peloton How does it work? It takes a standard adjustable bike with a resistance knob and slaps on a tablet which aggregates your ride data (length, resistance, cadence) and displays the instructor and, of course, a leaderboard to see how you compare with the tens of thousands of people across the world who are currently riding with you. When you saddle in for a ride, you can either join a class live, or search for a class that was done in the past based on instructor, music genre, type of workout, or whether to use weights. Once you start, your instructor will give you an overview of the class format and what you can generally expect. The instructor picks the tunes and at different intervals will provide guidance on cadence (how quickly you move the pedals), resistance (how heavy the pedals are to turn), whether to stand or sit, and what if any exercises to do with your hands. Classes can vary from short and sweet at 10 minutes to long and grueling at 60 minutes. Beyond length, there are several types:

  1. HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training): These are 1:1 effort to recovery (e.g., ride hard for 30 seconds, rest for  30 seconds).
  2. Tabata: These are 2:1 effort to recover (e.g., ride for 30 seconds, rest for 15 seconds)
  3. Climbs: Out of saddle, high resistance
  4. Sweat Steady: Several minute long intervals
  5. Low Impact / Beginner rides: Lower, less intense efforts for overall recovery
  6. Heart / Power Zone: Efforts to achieve target heart rates

One of the newer features that Peloton launched was ‘Programs’ to provide a more prescriptive approach to rides (e.g,. telling you which rides to do when per week), helping riders achieve their outcomes. What I love about the Peloton is how motivating it is. One of the core parts of Peloton is the ability to follow (and be followed) by your friends. This is great because you can see when they’re working out and join them for a ride, or try and beat their records as part of a fun, competitive spirit.

DIY Peloton bike: How to build your own smart bike on the cheap - CNET With a subscription to Peloton, you also gain access to a bunch of other content, including: Strength training, Yoga, Meditation, Stretches, Running, Outdoor activities, and more – the catalog grows daily. Further, they’ve also added a new machine (Tread) that provides classes with a treadmill. My personal experience has been fantastic – I’ve gained so much strength and endurance since I purchased the Peloton 2.5 years ago. I’m close to 250 rides in (one more to go as of writing this post!) and have burned over 100,000 calories. With COVID-19, Peloton, and Tonal are the two must have gadgets to help strengthen your heart, muscles, and mental state. If you’re interested in purchasing Peloton, use this link/promo code for a $100 discount: link with promo code (RHKKZ7) — full disclosure, if you use this link, I’ll get some swag 🙂 Already have a Peloton? Post your thoughts in the comments!!

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