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How These 5 People Lost 50 Pounds or More

When we look at before and after weight loss transformation photos of individuals, we usually are in awe of their stunning progress and wonder how they managed such a feat. Sometimes, we even want to know the secrets behind their weight loss in order to apply such tricks and tips to our own exercise and…
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Can Exercising More Make You Gain Weight?

Exercise has been touted as one of the most crucial and beneficial components to a healthy and long life. Many also depend on exercise to combat the extra pounds, or jumpstart their life towards a hefty weight loss goal. Yet, could there be a negative side effect of too much exercise? Could excessive exercise actually…
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How to Effortlessly Lose Weight on an Office Job

Office Weight Loss Competitions are an innovatively collaborative way to lose weight and keep it off. Studies have shown that long sedentary hours at the office can contribute to obesity and heart disease risks. Additionally, many offices provide a deliciously accessible variety of snacks to consume throughout the stresses of arduous work hours, making it…
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