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How to create sustainable, life changing habits

Habits are everywhere in your life. During the week, when I wake up, I brush my teeth, make a protein shake, take a shower, and then get to work. There’s no thinking or second guessing involved, it’s just what I do in the mornings. We’ve got good habits (flossing before bed) and bad ones (smoking…
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The 2017 Guide to Fitness Trackers

Health monitoring devices began as a basic premise, starting years ago with the pedometer, consistently evolving to include more and more functionality such as displays, heart rate monitoring, and connection to smartphones. Today, devices that can fit on your wrist pack more computing power and sensors than the rockets that took man to the moon!…
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Losing weight is hard. Anyone who says otherwise is a big fat liar.

A little bit about me For most of my life, I’ve been overweight. In fact, I don’t remember not being fat — I was always bigger than my classmates. While most of them were nice, I was called names and mocked mercilessly by the others. A sort of cloud hangs over you when you’re overweight. You understand…
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